R is for Raygun (kleenexwoman) wrote in thrushies,
R is for Raygun

drworm and I sometimes like to imagine what it would be like if Illya and Napoleon had access to modern-day technology.

DrWorm: illya wouldn't answer all his comments unless he was RLY ANGY

Kleenexwoman: EXACTLY

DrWorm: then, a furious barrage of typing!

DrWorm: whereas napoleon would answer every one! >;D

Kleenexwoman: YES THIS

Kleenexwoman: i imagine illya as a mainstay on stupid_free and an avid poster of "vacation photos"

DrWorm: with stupid winky emoticons... omg y

DrWorm: he would get all het up in stupid_free threads

Kleenexwoman: yyy. arguing politics and being incredibly sarcastic and staying up late at night telling people how stupid they're being

Kleenexwoman: napoleon has a camwhore icon of himself and posts mostly in rating communities

DrWorm: hahahahahahahahahaha omg

DrWorm: so many camwhore posts.

DrWorm: and sex communities

DrWorm: and ohnotheydidnt!

Kleenexwoman: oh god yes

Kleenexwoman: starts ontd_spies as an offshoot

DrWorm: omg omg omg

DrWorm: posts illya info whenever he can

Kleenexwoman: yyy, and gets a rep as a stalker

DrWorm: LOLOLOL oh noes and there is drama!

Kleenexwoman: SO MUCH DRAMA and he gets on stupid_free for blowing up when someone calls him a stalker

DrWorm: omg omg and and he's in brutal_honesty too

Kleenexwoman: yessssss

DrWorm: and illya has so many sockpuppets

DrWorm: in order to point out how dumb napoleon is

Kleenexwoman: YES YES YES

Kleenexwoman: he would be good at juggling sockpuppets

Kleenexwoman: napoleon makes one but slips up and gets found out

DrWorm: exactly! lololol oh god and napoleon's would be so painfully obvious

DrWorm: and then napoleon would make an attention-whoring "goodbye cruel world!" post

DrWorm: and illya would be all, "he's totally bluffing" but then later going "napoleon? D:"

Kleenexwoman: YES and then he goes over to napoleon's apartment all worried, like, what the fuck is he going to tell waverly? "Sorry, your CEA killed himself because a seventeen-year-old girl found out he was lying on the Internet." Or, "Napoleon just became An Hero..."

DrWorm: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh oh oh god

DrWorm: hey illya, do u lik mudkipz?

Kleenexwoman: and he finds napoleon in his bathrobe, sipping scotch, typing one-handed to some girl he met on nyc_lusty
Tags: chatlogs, wtf internet
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