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Man from UNCLE comics #6-10

More terrible comics! And terrible captions! I'm awesome!

Excellent form, except I think Illya is pushing off the dock with one hand and that's points off in synchronized diving, fellas.

But, as we can see from this page, Illya is ready for the Olympics and will be competing in the competitive "enemy taunting" event.

I like Illya's expression and the way Napoleon appears to be tapping on his shoulder with both index fingers.

That... uh, is a seductive pose, Illya. I'm sure that's not really helping anything, you lounging around like that.

Um... does Illya know what "banana republic" actually means? Oh well, he just wants to put his hands in the air (wave 'em like he just don't care). \o/

Illya: pitches for the home team.

Illya! Stop thinking about sex so much! (lol 'bouncing')

Napoleon is totally Jane. ("You were the least convincing female impressionist since Tarzan went through Jane's handbag and ate her lipstick.")

I just like how everyone is posing like they're in a spread for GQ. Which is probably where those poses came from, come to think of it.

Illya wins the Kewpie doll! Napoleon talks like an idiot!

Oh man, epic fanservice.

Did I say epic? I meant DOUBLE EPIC. But I love Illya's delightfully spastic run in the background of the second panel.

"Can I? ... oops! I can not!" I love you, Illya.

I like that he's just sittin' pretty on a flying telephone booth.

This is the back cover. Oh, Napoleon. :/

Recognized on sight! Not a good sign!

Awww, Illya just wants to shoot stuff.

Don't believe them, girl! Keep on driving if you know what's good for you! Run them over!

Listen, Napoleon, don't make promises about cars that you can't keep.

Illya's hair is a liability!

Clearly they don't like hearing that it's a game even when it totally is.

LOL "heave." PS: it is not the end.

Mr. Waverly encourages threesomes. (God the art is so bad.)

Second in the series of images of Illya sitting pretty on something weird. I have no idea why he was sitting on the diving board. I guess he just wanted to. Why ya'll got to get up in his grill about it? God, why can't you guys just chill? he's got this totally covered.
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