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Man from UNCLE comics #1-5

Here we begin a series of making fun of the often insanely bad tie-in comics.

Yes, Napoleon shoots an itty-bitty poisonous spider. Way to go, big tough guy. Meanwhile, Illya (looking nothing at all like Illya) is all like, "Hey, normally I just use a paper towel and cup, but whatever floats your boat."

That thing about the Geiger counter is hilarious and you know it.

The most in-character page in any of the comics. Oh, Napoleon.

I'm... not really sure I want to know what Napoleon does on his Saturday nights.

Ouch. Poor Illya.

I'll bet she is.

I like that he has to specify "full of AIR!"

Napoleon pounces like a CAT.

There's always one guy who asks the dumbest questions...

I love how ridiculously dramatic this is, and also how helpless and pretty Napoleon is drawn. Oh Napoleon.

Similarly, I just thought he was unusually handsome in this panel.

That's a fake Illya, with the eyepatch. He does look good, though.

What the fuck?! Illya is wearing a lone ranger mask?! ... for some reason.

Illya is a little puppy.

Still-fake Illya is still rockin' the eyepatch.

Oh Illya.

Oh Illya. Honey, no. Play nice.
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