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"The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
is like a woman who is a woman
or a man, a woman and a bank
if that woman's name was Moses."

--from Look Slimmer Instantly!: Poems By Jerome Sala

She moves to telling me more of one of her fantasies--The Man From UNCLE. In this the position of coerced consent is split between the two men who must watch each other tortured and can stop it by telling the secret they must not tell. The ending back at headquarters where they are welcomed and punished lovingly is notable.


The Man from UNCLE fantasy ends with the Ilya Kuryakin character actually castrated--then back at UNCLE, punished again, this time for giving away the crucial secret. How, Shannon asks, in my imagination does he feel at the end of the fantasy?

"Great!" I rather surprise myself by announcing. "Well, oh, not exactly great--completely flattened, as a matter of fact; all is lost; blank. But he's cemented into this warm space of loss and punishment; seamlessly married to his work and the organization, as I guess he's always longed to be. And he's succeeded in declaring his love for Napoleon, and done it in a way that Napoleon has to be grateful for and pitying of. It just feels perfect."

--from A Dialogue on Love, By Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
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