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Villains Are Awesome: The Bat Cave Affair

Sorry, being done with school for the moment and also being sick, I'm afraid I've become unusually chatty.

A confession: The Bat Cave Affair was the first Man from UNCLE episode I ever watched, and I pretty much assumed it would be the only episode I'd ever see. You see, I have an incredibly embarrassing crush on Martin Landau, and so have spent far too much time trying to find shows he guested on back in the day. Martin Landau as the gayest gay vampire scientist ever? Well, sign me up. My basic impression of the rest of the show was, "Hahahaha, oh hey, I see why this has an ongoing slash fandom."

But I forced it on kleenexwoman, who took to the actual show far more than I did, and so it became like a weird cyclical thing where she was prompting me to give the rest of the show a chance. Of course, she also had me watching Wonder Showzen at the same time, so that's kind of a weird combination. BUT ANYWAY.

I love how Illya doesn't even flinch at that. Most unimpressed.

The world always needs more vampire scientists, I say.

-- Another confession? I've never actually watched the first act or so. Skimmed it, thank you fast-forward. But I'm not overly fond of Clemency (and also I've been watching a lot of Psych recently and have to restrain myself from mentally replacing her with Shawn and Gus--because, I mean, that would just be silliness). And then there's that bullfighting thing, wtf. This is a great episode for unconvincing stock footage. Still... awww.

Her accent just sounds wrong to me, though. Too plummy, maybe, and more Louisiana South than Appalachian hill folk. Also, her neck is reeeeally long.

-- The thing about Zark is that even though he's silly/crazy/undead, he's actually quite clever in his own oddball way. I mean, a thought transmitter? That's not a bad idea at all. It's a fucking great idea. Dude just needs some guidance, is all.

Personally, I think he and Dr. Dabree should join forces. But before that happens, he really needs a Renfield. He needs a Renfield so freakin' bad, I'm sorry, the silent guy with the widow's peak is just not cutting it for me. But anyway, Dabree would steer him away from the bats toward more productive things.

-- Ridiculous Napoleon-face ahoy.

- "Illya, Illya, that's all you ever think about!" was the first predictable moment when when I went "lol, slash." I bet you know what the second one was.


-- The little hip swivel makes me laugh.

At least the accent did eventually get better.

And more screencaps here. Mostly Zark, though, so you have been warned.
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