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Villains Are Awesome: The Foxes and Hounds Affair

So, yeah, The Foxes and Hounds Affair is my favorite episode for showing the relationship between UNCLE and Thrush. But I think a lot of that is also because of the overwhelming awesome that is Vincent Prince.

I'm not real coherent at the moment, but yes--Victor Marton and Vincent Price are way awesome, for reasons that should be obvious.

But Miss Belmont is also awesome:

LOL smack him, Miss Belmont.

She is epic, ruthless classiness. I like that she's totally sick of her little hired goons making passes at her. I like the way she lays into Marton and their rivalry. Hell, I like her little black dress.

But really what I like best is Marton strolling into UNCLE headquarters, and the way he treats the whole business as a game. It is a game, quite clearly, but Marton is the most relaxed about it. Which is just amazing. It makes me grin.

- LOL, Illya's super-secret thing he's thinking about is Napoleon.
- Obligatory Napoleon funny-face:

- Hah, Illya not only looks supremely awkward standing with that girl, he is such a little bitch: "There, now you're reasonably pretty again."
- "Have our little plans gone askew, Miss Belmont?"

- Napoleon stowed safely in the coffin. Aw, he looks so peaceful.

- "Think of girls!" Oh yeah, that'll work.
- LOL don't watch her, you perv!

- Illya's apology. It's like, when I used to play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater with my friend and I'd apologize to my little dude every time he fell down (which was often). And then she'd yell at me to stop apologizing.

- Vincent Price's angry!face. :O

- LOL threesomes!

More screencaps are here.
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